The IOA auditorium is situated at the north side of the Centenary Building having 2500 sq.ft with 180 seating capacity fitted with Split AC number 12 and 15 wall mounted fans are also fitted. The auditorium is having a Podium to accommodate 10 Guests. The Projector is fitted to enable to screen the documentary and other project details etc.
The tariff for IOA auditorium is as follows:

1.    IOA Members 25% Discount                                                                                                            1.   Non Members  6 hours  Auditorium Details                                                 

        Auditorium Rental for 6 hours Details                                                                                                     * Rent,Dinning Hall,EB and GST 18%  =  Rs.25,813/-

                  * Rent, Dinning Hall Free ,EB and  GST 18%   = RS.14,160/-                                               (Twenty five   thousand Eight hundred & thirteen only)

                (Fourteen  thousand one hundred & sixty only)

2.    IOA Members 25% Discount                                                                                                             2.  Non Members  12 hours  Auditorium Details
            Auditorium Rental for 12 hours Details                                                                                             * Rent,Dinning Hall,EB and GST 18%  =  Rs.40,563/-
                * Rent, Dinning Hall Free ,EB and  GST 18%   = RS.23,600/-                                                (Forty  thousand Five  hundred & sixty three only)

            (Twenty Three  thousand six hundred  only)

Contacts :                                                                                                 NOTE:  Snacks ,Tea,Coffee are not permitted inside the Auditorium.

   Cell: 94990 57160

   Office : 044-28111160

E-Mail :


Please call to 044 28111160 (Office)  or  Contact   via email for reservation.